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The Perils of ‘White Saviours,’ Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory

Full Comment with Anthony Furey

Sonia discusses, with Anthony, why she thinks there are many people of colour who see much more wrong with the current panic over systemic racism than self-appointed white liberal “saviours” realize.


Anti-racism Training in Canada's Federal Government

The Jamil Jivani Show

Sonia joins Jamil Jivani and Kaveh Shahrooz to discuss the recently obtained Global Affairs Canada anti-racism training manual.


Sonia Orlu

The Jamil Jivani Show

"Why I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement" - from someone who used to when it first started. GUEST: Sonia Orlu - PhD candidate in Political Science at Simon Fraser University.


BC News Outlet Quietly Deletes Article With Black Academic Critical of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Post Millennial

News 1130 radio contacted Sonia Orlu first for an interview. Yet they didn’t bother to notify her when taking it down.

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Nigeria to Canada: Identity, Faith, Music, and Mental Health

The Mozart Effect: A Mostly Mad Music Podcast

What impact does it have when you join and leave new social groups? How does this affect your sense of identity and your mental health? What is the importance of faith in forging identity? And what role does music play?

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Identity With Sonia Orlu

Last Train Podcast

Casual chat with Sonia about racial identity, anti-racism, and political philosophy.


Research Fails to Prove Racism Behind Police Shootings of Black Men

National Post

A Vancouver radio station recently unpublished a story titled “BLM resorts to ’emotional blackmail,’ argues Black SFU academic.” The station wrote on twitter that it regretted any “harm” done by the story. The article featured an interview with Sonia Orlu about her essay “Why I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement.” The following is an excerpt from that essay.


Webinar: Who Policies Free Speech Online?

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute

MLI convenes a panel to discuss the Canadian Liberal government's proposal for new legislation and regulations on digital content online.


Sonia Orlu

Beyond Red and Blue Podcast

Sonia Orlu joined us to discuss her life experiences as a Nigerian immigrant living in Canada as well as her "controversial" essay about not supporting BLM.


'It Took Me by Surprise.' Academic Critical of BLM Movement had Article on Her Paper Removed

The Epoch Times

Sonia Orlu never expected that an article about her recent paper on the Black Lives Matter movement would be promptly deleted by a Vancouver radio station after it was published following an interview with the station.